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Do You Want Widgets on Your TV? TDG Says You Do

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We’ve asked before whether you really want widgets on your TV, and new data from The Diffusion Group indicates that yes indeed, you do want a dedicated area to access Internet-connected applications via your TV set.

According to TDG’s numbers, 76 percent of consumers think having a widget toolbar on their primary TV set would be valuable (though 48 percent of those people said it would only be “somewhat valuable”), 13 percent were neutral and 11 percent were negative.

Whether you want them or not, widgets are on their way. Yahoo (s yhoo) and Intel (s intc) are ramping up their TV platform to enable access to weather, stocks and news information on the ole TV, and Verizon recently showed a glimpse of what Twitter and Facebook will look like on its FiOS TV service.

This proliferation of widgets could come at a cost, though. TDG warns that too rapid an expansion of applications for the TV could outstrip the hardware capabilities of the television. TVs aren’t like cell phones, which people cycle through every few years. This is why some companies, such as Boxee, believe the future is with separate set-top boxes, which can be swapped out more easily, and not with the TV sets themselves.

7 Responses to “Do You Want Widgets on Your TV? TDG Says You Do”

  1. Star M.

    just sat in on a panel at SXSW about next-gen devices for acquiring digital media content — they touched on the widget and colin dixon of the diffusion group moderated the panel actually. i’m with the 48% that see the widget as only somewhat useful…sometimes you just want to zone out and watch tv! i don’t know that i’d want to see my friends’ facebook updates start popping up on my sony bravia any time soon.