Incisive-Backed Job Searcher Workhound Crawling Twitter For Classifieds

Managing to combine two zeitgeists in to one (Twitter and joblessness), Incisive Media-backed job search engine operator Work Digital has launched (get this) TwitterJobSearch. Rather predictably, the site lets users search Twitter for job listings. Is anyone really posting job classifieds to Twitter? Sort of; just as the status update service was morphed in to a conversation medium and, for many, an RSS reader replacement, so some recruitment sites pipe their classifieds feeds in to the tweetosphere.

Work Digital’s Workhound has redeployed its algorithms, which normally index jobs from over 1,300 other web sources, on to those feeds, as well as destination URLs. It really amounts to little more than parsing a new input source – but, for the increasingly obsessed Twitterati, the Twitter association may give them one more way to mediate parts of their entire goddamn lives through the short messaging service.

It sounds more like a conventional classifieds model than the “conversational search” for which Twitter is now drawing hype (many job openings are more likely to come via “heard from a friend”-style tweets), but Workhound tells us a degree of conversational indexing is possible. There will also be a “certain amount of integration in the future” with the main Workhound site – far more useful. So why the spin-off? Well, when you’re launching a service at SXSW, targeting the geek community and courting the tech press, a Twitter association seems to help.

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