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@ Apple Event: The iPhone's New Features For Consumers

imageMost of the updates so far this morning have been aimed at developers, but iPhone Software SVP Scott Forstall said that there will be 100 new features for end-users, as well, including copy and paste, support for MMS, but not things like video-recording or Flash support. These are some of the things that will help the iPhone catch up to many other smartphones already on the market. Here’s a list of the highlights:

Copy and Paste: Copy and Paste works by double-clicking on some text, including the browser and third-party apps. Upon selecting the text, users can choose the copy function, go to another part of the e-mail or application, and tap to paste. Shaking the phone renders other option, such as “undo paste.” The update works on photos as well, as users can select multiple photos and cop and paste into an e-mail

Landscape: Since the beginning, iPhones had landscape support in Safari, so users can read, say, the NYTimes vertically or horizontally. Now users can read and type their e-mail, notes and messages in landscape mode. The new Stock application will also support landscape view; users can view headlines at the bottom of the application.

MMS: Users can now forward and delete messages, including multiple messages. MMS support was added too, including sending location information from the maps over MMS.

Search added to key apps Forstall said, “Last year, we added search to contacts. This year we are adding search to all key apps, starting with mail.” Users can search messages from and to someone, and in Notes by title or entire body. In addition, if the message isn’t on the iPhone, users can search for it on the server, or in iPod, by song name, TV shows, etc. There’s also universal search, called Spotlight, where users can go from the homescreen to search across the entire phone.

Voice memos: Users can record voice memos to themselves or send to others (via MMS or e-mail) using the built-in mic or plugged in one

Calendars: They are adding CalDAV, which is supported by *Google*, *Yahoo* and others, which will be useful for shared calendars. There will also be subscription support, so you can add your favorite sports team schedule, etc.

Others: Note sync to your PC; Shake to Shuffle for iPod; Wi-Fi auto login to a user’s favorite hotspots; Stereo Bluetooth; Anti-phishing to protect users from scams; auto-fill to logins and passwords; parental controls; Languages; and users can now log into an existing YouTube account.