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@ Apple Event: Developers' Show And Tell

imageHere’s some examples on how developers are using the new features available in the iPhone 3.0 update. The developers were here to give demonstrations.

Smule: Smule Co-Founder Dr. Ge Wang was here to show off Leaf Trombone World Stage. It is a social gaming experience. The leaf trombone adjusts pitch, and then there’s pitch. All you have to do is follow along and blow into the microphone at the right time. Using close proximity, two users can pair together and do a duel performance. The biggest applause of the day went to these guys after they did a dual performance of “Phantom of the Opera.”

LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson Co.: Anita Mathew walks us through the Glucose reader working on the iPhone using Bluetooth or the plug. After finding out the glucose level, she can plan her meal by entering what she is going to eat. The insulin dose is automatically figured out for her based on her reading and what she is going to eat. The iPhone can also add in the effects of exercise and how insulin should be adjusted. The users can then send their glucose numbers to someone, like their parents.

Photo Credit: .schill

ESPN: ESPN (NYSE: DIS) is moving from the web on the iPhone to the native application experience. Oke Okaro of ESPN said they currently send out 50 million alerts a month regarding sports events. Now they can do it on the iPhone. The alert can take you to the highlights of the game. “We can now bring that to you, before you would have had to come to use and pull it.” The video is based on your broadband experience, so it is modified based on whether you are on 3G or wi-fi. “Before we delivered based on the lowest common developer.” We are also integrating with our mobile web site, so they can get the stories and analysis behind the alert.

ngmoco: Neil Young, founder of ngmoco, which is funded by the iFund, unveiled Touch Pets and LiveFire. LiveFire is a mutli-player first person shooter. Touch Pets alerts you when someone wants to set up a play date with their dog. You can go to the store and buy gifts to give dogs on play dates, or clothes, which you can buy for the game. Live Fire is a first-person shooter. You can pull up your list of friends and invite someone to play with you. You can buy stuff, like rocket launchers and other weapons.