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Mystery Lenovo “pocketbook” gets you centered

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pocket-yoga-notebookA mystery notebook-like little device spied at Lenovo’s offices in China has surfaced, along with some very intriguing photos on the company’s photo stream.  The “Pocket Yoga” is barely bigger than a little keyboard yet seems to pack in a trackstick and touchscreen.  There are no specs or even confirmation that this is a real device, but it looks pretty cool nonetheless.  Based on the hinge in the pictures, it looks like the screen folds over the back of the device and uses a stylus so it’s a teeny-tiny Tablet in that regard.  Let’s hope this makes it to a real product simply because it’s cool to see Lenovo challenge our expectations as Sony did with the Vaio P.  Speaking of Vaio P there may be one appearing in the very near future.  :)


(via Electronista)  (Photos from LenovoPhotoLibrary Flickr page)

8 Responses to “Mystery Lenovo “pocketbook” gets you centered”

  1. Gah, that glossy screen looks frustrating! I’m normally more reserved in my criticism of such screens, but I really wonder how well that screen works in bright daylight or under florescent bulbs.

  2. There are millions whom want a basic laptop that will fit in your pocket with a touch type keyboard but it looks a bit too large? To me the ideal size should be 4.25″ x 7.5″ x 1″. I think the Sony P is also a bit too wide as most large pockets have a hard time with anything over 4.3″ in width and if it is more than say 8″ it is not stable in the pocket.

    • Al, just curious: what’s your definition of a “touch type keyboard”? For me it’s one that lets me type with all ten fingers without looking. I can’t see how I’d do that on a keyboard with the ideal device size dimensions you offer.

  3. James, make sure they get you a set of HBH-IS800’s to go with that Vaio P. You may send the Vaio P back but I’m pretty sure you’ll keep the headset. It’s pretty spectacular.