Green:Net: Almost Sold Out!


Most of us depend on information technology in our everyday lives — the Internet, your laptop, your cell phone. The planet is depending on these tools, too, to help cut energy use and fight climate change. If you want to learn more about companies and innovations that are leveraging these tools to save the planet, come to our first Green:Net conference in San Francisco on March 24th — it’s the first green conference for the Internet industry. And it’s next Tuesday! There’s only 19 tickets left, so get ’em while they’re hawt.

Companies from Google (s GOOG), to Yahoo (s YHOO), to Sun (s JAVA) to IBM (s IBM) will be discussing green software, social web tools, energy efficient data centers and the next generation of the power grid, while speakers like ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe, and Makani Power CEO Saul Griffith will be highlighting the intersections of green and IT (check out the full lineup here). Towards the end of the day 10 up and coming Green:Net startups will be presenting to the audience about how they are utilizing information technology to fight climate change. Come join us.

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