Moving to L.A. is moving from its headquarters in San Francisco to relocate to Los Angeles, employees were told via an internal memo today. Of roughly 22 employees, all but two have been invited to move down with the company. It will be a phased move that will start in June and go through August. When in LA, the company will be split amongst offices in Century City and Santa Monica.

As a former employee of Atom, I know the writing has been on the wall for a move like this for a long time. AtomFilms, as it was formerly known, started in Seattle and moved down to San Francisco to merge with during the dot-com bust. That geographic move made sense when online video was just beginning and technology played a bigger role. Now that online video is more ubiquitous, and now that Atom is part of Comedy Central, being closer to entertainment infrastructure and talent makes sense. (Sorry, San Francisco, you’re just not that funny.)

With Atom’s second move happening during an even bigger economic breakdown, there are financial benefits as well. Being closer to Comedy Central and Spike will allow the companies to better share and utilize resources.

The relocation news comes on the heels of Atom founder Mika Salmi’s announcement he will be leaving parent company Viacom at the end of this month.


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