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Mobile Content Bits: ABC Mobile; Personalized 3D Marketing; Samsung's Embedded Portal

ABC Mobile: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the Australian national broadcaster) has launched a mobile site for its TV stations. It includes sections on news, sports, weather, TV Guide and so on, as well as unique content from radio stations and a movie section. There are text-based movie reviews taken from At The Movies. There isn’t any multimedia content at the moment. The site can be customized by selecting your location, favorite sporting code and local cinemas. There are also free iPhone and Android applications, with a Java download to follow.

Personlized 3D Marketing: Big Stage Entertainment has released iStage, a 3D facial modeling and personalization system for branded mobile campaigns and games on the iPhone. People download the app from the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Store, take a photo with the iPhone’s camera and upload it. IStage then maps the contours of the face from the photo and inserts into a marketing campaign. That’s possibly the most interesting part of the service — using the 3D images as part of a campaign generates revenue for Big Stage and gives marketers the ability to personalize their campaign with someone’s face. People can also forward the images and video clips to friendsd and family via e-mail, or post it to Facebook or MySpace, which extends the campaign. I’d like some guarantee that my image won’t be used by Big Stage or the marketers without my consent, but the way the thing is set up the whole point is that people see their own face, so I don’t think it’s a big issue at the moment.

Samsung’s Internet Portal: Samsung will embed a “Rich Internet Portal” on several of its handsets which will allow subscribers to access free and premium services including news, ringtones, music, video-on-demand and games, as well as receive special announcements from Samsung. Samsung expects this latest move in the content battle to “open up attractive business models”, and will first launch it in Russia, Germany and the UK with other countries planned in the coming months. The application was developed and run by Streamezzo.

RSS Reader: German developer Epocware has released Handy RSS, a $14.95 (12.95 EUR) RSS reader which runs on S60 handsets. Features include: Add/edit RSS channels; Single list of RSS items; One-click control; Read item list and RSS headers offline, and open web browser to read the full item; Mark items as read/unread; No additional application or desktop RSS readers needed; S60 5.0 support; Keep items in the list for a certain period of time (1 week, 1 month or 3 months).