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Apple Games Developer Pangea Ditches Mac For iPhone

imageLongtime Mac games maker Pangea is ditching the Mac platform, in favor of the iPhone after bringing in $1.5 million in six months from its most successful App Store game Enigmo. In an interview with the <a href="" title="

3 Responses to “Apple Games Developer Pangea Ditches Mac For iPhone”

  1. @Macaholic, do you purpose that companies that strategically change to make more money are greedy? What do you think a company is made for?

    There's a laughing curve–the price that generates the most revenue isn't always the highest price–in pricing everything. It wouldn't be smart to sell a game on the iPhone for $20 dollars. Most of the games are casual and receive more revenue by selling more for less.

  2. Scott Rogers

    Enigmo is $20 for the Mac and $3 for the iPhone. Same game. Basic economics theory would suggest that the $3 version would be a better seller, and this has nothing to do with whether the Mac is a viable games platform.

  3. Macaholic

    POOR FORM on the part of Pangea! After all the years the Mac userbase supported them through Apple's dark days. For them to do this now, especially with Apple's market share and presence on the rise, is motivated purely by greed.