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Facebook Friends the iPhone, Apps Will Now Connect

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iphone-playfish-biggestbrain1Facebook today announced that your iPhone (s aapl) apps can be friends with Facebook at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas — something Om had written about nine months ago. David Morin, with Facebook, told the audience that now that they can play games or tie their iPhone apps to their Facebook friends anywhere — on the iPhone and the desktop using Facebook Connect. The company also announced a desktop client using Facebook Connect, and more funding through the fbFund for developers that want to build apps for Facebook Connect.

The announcement generated a lot of enthusiasm from the packed audience, and it’s pretty cool, provided you have an iPhone. So far there are nine apps that can tie into your friend network, including Movies by Flixter, UrbanSpoon and Tap Tap Revenge 2.  Om has argued that Facebook’s future is mobile, and this is a great move to drive Facebook as a social platform across our two primary broadband connected screens –phones and PCs.

Facebook’s advances in the last few months, including the tweaks it made to allow the same type of (almost) live streaming and infinite friends as Twitter, and Facebook Connect, which now brings your Facebook friends not only to blogs, but also to your desktop with services like a Seesmic client, or uploading your iPhoto pictures directly to Facebook, are creating a compelling platform for what Facebook calls “the social web.” Now we just need to integrate it with non-iPhone devices.

15 Responses to “Facebook Friends the iPhone, Apps Will Now Connect”

  1. YAWN!!!! Facebook is freakin OLD news and who cares about Facebook Connect, it can’t b trusted and is boring technology. Lets write some interesting posts about technology and not junk about a fad that people won’t give a crap about in 2 years.

  2. Stacey Higginbotham

    WiFiguy, you get a thank you. I don’t own an iPhone, but no matter the input device, typos still manage to make it through. One day I may achieve perfection, but until then, I’ll graciously accept feedback.

  3. Wifiguy

    Hey Stacey,
    Just curious, do you input your entries by way of iPhone or do you not know how to spell pictures. Check third line from bottom. Okay, what prize do I get for helping you out?!?!