T-Mobile G1 Fire Sale: Handsets Under $80


g1android_2_2What a week for those pining away over the T-Mobile G1 handset. There’s at least two great G1 deals going on right now: each one nabs you a Google (s GOOG) Android device for under a hundred bucks.

Early in the week, Amazon (s AMZN) started offering the device at $97 for new customers committing to T-Mobile for two years. Now, I’m reading reports that Costco (s COST) warehouse club members can walk away with a G1 for $79 with a new qualifying plan. Some folks are speculating that this is all in preparation for the G2 device outed at Mobile World Congress, but I don’t think that has much, if anything, to do with it.

The G2 isn’t expected to add any major changes over the G1. In fact, it loses the QWERTY keyboard found on the G1, so I’d say it simply provides a different form factor for those that want it. Regardless of the reasons, now is a good time to grab a G1 if you’ve been holding out.



y yes i have to agree with both of u there prospects of the g2 are very high and knowledgeable if u know wht i mean


@Greg. I agree. I have one, and that is my biggest hang up. It looks and feels like a brick. The new phone has chrome (or chrome-like) accents on it. Much easier on the eyes.


Losing the keyboard will reduce the “heft” and “clunkiness” that many have complained about. I predict the smaller form factor will be a hit.

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