Is a Post-x86 World "Preposterous"?

Over at CNET, Peter N. Glaskowsky, a technology analyst for The Envisioneering Group, is calling my post, Can Intel Thrive In a Post x86 World?, “preposterous.” He argues that Intel can thrive, and that my idea that we are entering a post-x86 world is wrong. Perhaps “post x86? isn’t the most elegant way of summing up the trends of mobility and graphics, but I think it works. For the record, I’m not counting Intel (s INTC) out when it comes to driving its x86 chips into newer markets (and I said so in the comments on my post), but I don’t think it’s “preposterous” to have a debate on this topic. Given the thorough response by Glaskowsky, those commenting on his post, and on mine, it’s something we should be talking about. Join in here and at CNET!