Dot Eco: Does the World Need A Green Top-Level Domain?


dotecologoWhether you like it or not, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) — the nonprofit Internet naming registry that controls all the top-level domains like dot com — will likely be accepting new ones within the next 12 months. If the entrepreneurs behind Dot Eco get their way, the environmentally focused top-level domain “.eco” could be the latest bookend to your URL. Dot Eco co-founder Minor Childers, a creative executive and film producer out of Hollywood, tells Earth2Tech how the group will do a $10 million marketing push, using funds it will raise this year, to avoid some of the pitfalls that have strangled less-successful top-level domains in the past.


Chris Baskind

Does the world *need* a .eco TLD? No, of course not. But I think it’s still a good thing. Admittedly, I’m biased: I publish green websites. It’s likely I would register .eco domains, should they become available. There’s just not much downside here. Publishers who want to identify with green issues — regardless of their viewpoint — get an appropriate TLD. Fifty percent of the profits do to recognized environmental charities. Hope it’s approved.


While I agree the world doesn’t need any more TLDs like .cat, .dog, etc. I think .eco could be a great name for people to market under.


The world doesn’t need *any* TLDs.
Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

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