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Oil Demand Set to Drop: Today the International Energy Agency lowered its estimate for 2009 global oil demand, saying demand will drop for two years in a row for the first time since 1982-1983. — Associated Press

Feed-in Tariff Pitfalls: Feed-in tariffs have enabled Germany and Spain to leap ahead of other countries in solar installations and stimulate rapid wind power development — but feed-in tariffs elsewhere in the EU have fizzled. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Let the Lobbying Begin: The wind and solar industries are gaining a powerful voice in Washington as coal companies, utilities, economists and environmentalists jockey to shape climate legislation that could rechannel hundreds of billions of dollars from one part of the economy to others. — Washington Post

Fork in the Road to Next Gen Biofuels: Most researchers agree that it’s time to dump corn-based ethanol, but they have two different visions for where to go from here: Fast-growing non-food crops like switchgrass, or algae and engineered microorganisms? — Scientific American

Do Green Jobs Pay Well?: A new study finds green job wages vary, and recommends 10 ways to make sure the new green jobs are good jobs. First up: Attach living-wage requirements to subsidies. — Triple Pundit

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