At SXSW, Location Awareness Is The New Black

The annual SXSW Festival is on, and this year I am surprised by the number of location-aware mobile services being launched in Austin, Texas, many of them for Apple’s iPhone.

  • SocialBomb launched its Paparazzi game, which allows you to click and share photos of your friends and having them mapped to location. I love this little game. Too bad I have moved off the iPhone platform.
  • Dennis Crowley, creator of Dodgeball is back for an encore with Foursquare, which turns nightlife into a game (at least for those who live in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Austin). The New York Times has a review of the service.
  • Pelago launched Whrrl 2.0, which allows you to share your day and life based on location, using photos and text, to a private network of friends.
  • Lastly, check out Gowalla, a location-based travel game by Alamofire.

Most of these apps are leveraging the built-in GPS features of the iPhone and its user interface to create a new kind of user experience. (Related Post: The Commoditization of GPS & the Golden Age of Location-based Services)