Will MTV Renew The CollegeHumor Show?


The CollegeHumor Show (CHS) finishes up its first cycle on MTV (s VIA) this Sunday, and though we weren’t huge fans of the show at the beginning, it has grown on us. The question is, did it grow enough to keep it on air?

MTV won’t make a renewal decision until after the season finale, but Tony DiSanto, MTV’s executive VP of series development, was enthusiastic about the series when we spoke with him by phone today. “Absolutely our expectations were met,” said DiSanto. “We’re proud of The CollegeHumor Show.”

Of course, it’s his job to tout the network’s series while they’re on the air, so we take that exuberance with a grain of salt. But there is probably at least a nugget of truth under the corporate-speak. According to Nielsen, the show has averaged 763,000 viewers per episode during its first five weeks. For the month prior to CHS‘ launch on February 8, the same time slot (Sunday nights at 9:30 p.m.) averaged 458,000 veiwers.

Still, “It’s not a ratings monster hit,” said DiSanto. In fact, the shows that bookend CHS (Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory before and Nitro Circus after) each get much higher ratings, so there’s a dip in the audience.

We asked TV by the Numbers ratings guru Robert Seidman for some insight. Based on the drop in audience, he wasn’t too hopeful. “That seems like a gots-ta-go situation,” Seidman wrote. “If MTV is offered the show practically for free (and it can’t cost much to begin with), they might try to find a home for it but I don’t think it will be in that time slot.”

DiSanto was more optimistic but actually offered a similar opinion. “Take into account, it’s all about efficiency and how cost-effective a show is,” said DiSanto, “Because of its new production model, it’s not a huge gamble for us.” While the show hasn’t been officially renewed, DiSanto said “it’s hard to say if it will be in that same time slot. It definitely would stay in the Sunday night block. It all depends on what gets greenlit.”

CHS was just the beginning of a recent push from MTV to scour the Internet to find web series that can be brought to television. The network recently ordered pilots based on 60Frames’ Private High Musical and Dan Levy’s Long Distance Relationship, noting that acquiring these web shows streamlines the development process.

Perhaps CollegeHumor’s lo-fi approach to comedy will keep it on a high-profile TV network.



I also hope it doesn’t get renwed, although I wouldn’t want to ruin anyones viewing so I’ll not say tooo much. ;-)


i like this show and its funny. i think they should have a second season


The funniest video on CollegeHumor is the GRAND THEFT AUTO for NES. Whoever that guy is shooting the gun in the begining is unbelievable. Id like to see them incorperate that guy and some of there other skits to tv or the big screen. Dont let up.


I love all of CH’s original videos and think they’re hilarious, but as mentioned above their internet format doesn’t translate well to TV. But if they do get picked up for another season, I think they would do better on another network, say Comedy Central? I mean CH’s sense of humor and writing is so different than say, The Hills or any of the other shows on MTV and would be more attracted by CC’s audience. Just a thought.


I LOVEEEE College Humor. They’re hilarious! Please come back to MTV!


me and my friends love it! mtv has so many reality show they show take of the Hills and replace it


What’s up with Dan Levy? has he not failed enough, who does he know at MTV? give it up mtv, this kid is not ever going to make it. You must own his soul.


CHS is absolutly hilarious. It’s one of the most original shows out there and mtv needs to give these
Guys a second season


I didn’t know about the college humor crew until january 09 and I instantly fell inlove with their videos. You have to have an open mind and understand how life on the internet works. The show did better than I expected and I feel that if they come back they can draw a bigger fanbase. Especially since many people did not know about it the show until a month or less before the show.


THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS! you guys above have no sense of humor, stfu and gtfo.


This show is just soooo bad. I have a friend who is friends with one of the guys and it made me give it a shot…..but man its really torture. Just not enough funny for TV….maybe enough to fill a website with other peoples funny stuff. My house ‘is’ the dip in the audience- fantasy factory…turn the TV off for 30 minutes- then watch Nitro Circus


the college humor show is weak sauce. its just not funny and has minimal appeal. maybe if the didn’t try so hard, and could say their lines even remotely naturally, it wouldn’t be so bad. bad acting + dumb punch lines = cancelled. i have a great and broad sense of humor …i love comedy more than anything…but this just didnt do it for me.


I totally disagree with StephenR.
I absolutely love the show.
It’s funny in its own retarded way, it gets me crackin’ up all the time.
Just like the people at new tee vee, I wasn’t too excited for it during the show premier, but it has most definitely grown on me.
So please MTV, renew it for a second season please!


I hope they DON’T get renewed. The show really sucks. Their short-form does NOT translate well to the passive experience of television.

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I think MTV has so many reality shows it’s almost ridiculaous. It doesn’t mean I don’t love watching everyone of them, but I do get lost on when certain shows come on.

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