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Vid-Biz: DropPlay, Blood Cell, DiggNation

Facebook + YouTube + Pandora = DropPlay. Search for songs (which play via YouTube), get music recommendations and share with friends. (VentureBeat) Picks Up Blood Cell; web horror series stars Jessica Rose (aka Lonelygirl15) and was produced by 60Frames. (The Hollywood Reporter)

DiggNation Guys Were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Last Night; as if last night’s episode couldn’t get any geekier, Fallon also incorporated a Twitter experiment (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) Now that nerds have their foot in the door, our friends at JKonTheRun want in on some of that sweet Fallon action.

SpeedCine Shows You Where to Find Films Online; just-launched database will eventually show you where to find your favorite movie via streaming or download. (SpeedCine) Goes Really High-Def with 1080p Video Gallery; select shows and content can be watched at the video portal in super high quality. (emailed release)

Adify Updates its Ad Network Platform; version 4.0 gives advertisers post-impression tracking tools, as well as updated dashboard tools. (Contentinople)

FreeWheel and Attributor Partner on User-Generated Video; two startups will combine content tracking and ad inventory systems. (MediaPost)

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