Palm Pre- I want one now

palm-pre1I know I’m a geek and that gadget lust is a natural part of my life.  New gadgets still have to tweak that gadget desire into overdrive to get me going though, I don’t just hand that out for free.  Palm first got me going at the Pre press event in Las Vegas in January.  The press event made it clear that the Pre is going to be special, especially to a geek like me.

The hands-on (almost) demonstration we got after that event really got my gadget juices flowing.  The Pre operating environment is so different from everything else out there that it is a natural for me to want it.  There are so many gadgets out there, and when one comes along that is radically different then my want notches up a fair bit.

Every video demonstration I have seen of the Pre since that first date has ratcheted up the want factor higher and higher.  Watching that fluid UI waltz around the user information is heady indeed.  Palm has got my attention and I want the Pre, and I want it now.  I know that the “first half of 2009″ means the window is short but that’s too long when you’re smitten as I am.  I need it now, Palm, so let’s get this Pre out in the world.  Please?  Pretty please?


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