Biden, Chu Dole Out $8B in State Energy Efficiency Funds


Today is like Christmas morning for energy-efficiency funds. Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu today are allocating $8 billion dollars from the stimulus package for weatherization and energy-efficiency upgrades to the states. Those funds, which are supposed to create 87,000 jobs, will be available to invest an average of $6,500 per home to install new insulation and efficient heating, and will also be used for rebates for home energy audits, efficiency upgrades for government buildings, and the promotion of Energy Star goods.

Energy efficiency for buildings is one of the smartest energy investments the new administration can make. According to the DOE Weatherization Program, $1 invested returns $1.65 in energy-related benefits, like lower energy bills, and at the same time can draw an additional $1.54 in additional resources from private funding, utilities, state funds, and other federal funds. A home that’s “weatherized” at a cost of several thousand dollars can save some $350 per year on energy bills, claims the Obama administration (that’s conservative, as the Weatherization program sites a number closer to $413). Here’s the breakdown of what Biden and Chu have allocated to the states:

  • Alabama: $127.4 million
  • Delaware: $38 million
  • California: $412 million
  • Connecticut: $102.8 million
  • Arkansas: $87.5 million
  • Colorado: $128.7 million
  • Alaska: $46.3 million
  • Arizona: $112.4 million
  • Florida: $302 million
  • Texas: $545 million
  • Michigan: $325 million
  • Idaho: $59 million
  • Iowa: $121.3 million
  • Indiana: $200.4 million
  • Georgia: $207.2 million
  • Kansas: $94.7 million
  • Alaska: $46.3 million
  • Hawaii: $30 million
  • Illinois: $344 million
  • Maryland: $113.2 million
  • Massachusetts: $177 million
  • Maine: $69.2 million
  • Minnesota: $186.1 million
  • Louisiana: $122.3 million

We’ll keep updating the story with the state funds as they are announced.



This is a good first step for the administration to start the basics of clean/green technology. I think if people slowly ease into it and see their bills going down it will help a lot.

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