4 Responses to “One iPhone Developer's Lessons Learned: More Marketing, Lower Prices”

  1. Hello sir, that’s exactly what I needed. It helps learning how to market on social networking sites. Thank you! If you don’t mind I would like to add it to my website.

  2. I'm not an iPhone developer, but there is something I don't understand.

    Apple has something called ad-hoc distribution. From what I remember, you get 100 ad-hoc licenses which you can use for reviewers, beta testers, etc.

    So take 50 ad-hoc licenses and give them to people who want to try out your app before they buy it. After a month/week/day, revoke those licenses and give them to other people. Create a sign-up sheet on your website.

    Is this horrifically difficult?

  3. robinson

    Apple clearly needs to emulate Palm (in the old days where programs were often freeware, shareware, and demoware) and figure out a way of combining shareware with iTunes– perhaps 1 week to 30 day fully-functioning demos that expire unless purchased.