Will $99 Keep the Microsoft App Store Fartless?

windows-mobile-logoMicrosoft outed developer details for its Windows Mobile application store this morning. Much like Apple’s, developers will earn 70 percent of the proceeds earned from selling software. Redmond is charging $99 annually for the developer program and each software submission will cost an additional $99, although the annual fee includes five free submissions.

My immediate reaction saw this as a pricey barrier-to-entry for the smaller developers. As I think it through however, I’m really hoping this strategy will help maintain the quality level for software. Without a per-title submission price, we’re sure to see any number of fart apps and tip calculators. ;)

Microsoft says that the venerable Windows Mobile platform has “20,000 applications already in market” while I’ve read that Apple has over 25,000 in about a year. I’m interested in looking at those numbers in a year’s time… and also including Palm, RIM and Google in the mix as well.


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