Tweet Directly in Safari With Safari140

picture-19 One of the reasons I can’t completely cross over to using Safari 4 as my full-time browser, aside from its dangerous (considering my line of work) incompatibility with some WordPress features, is its lack of add-on support. Firefox’s rich user community and extensibility makes sure that if there’s an add-on I need or find useful, it’s probably out there and available for download. Because the vast majority of my time on the computer is spent in a browser, the more that browser can do, the better.

There are ways to get around the lack of extensive add-on support in Safari, and one is Input Managers. A new one designed for those who like to tweet is making the rounds, and as long as you’re more into the saying than the listening side of Twitter, it could suit your needs. Personally, it’s exactly the sort of thing I need, since it removes the distraction of the tweet stream while still allowing me to post links of interest or comments while working.

The extension, called Safari140, features automatic URL shortening support and character limiting, to make sure you stay under the Twitter limit (hence the “140” in the name). While browsing, you can access Safari140’s post window at any time either by going to File > Post to Twitter (which is added when you install the extension) or by pressing “Ctrl+T”. The post dialog box will immediately appear, with the web address of the site you’re currently browsing already entered in the text box by default.

Safari140 works with both Safari 3 and Safari 4 Beta, and it’s a free download. Some people are apparently skittish when it comes to Input Managers, but I’m loving the beta, and I just want a way to tweet, so it works for me.