Qik Pairs with Nokia’s Ovi for Live Streaming, Cross-Posting

imagesNokia’s Ovi platform is meant to keep you connected. I’m not a user of it so I won’t claim any understanding of the experience, but I do understand why livestreaming continues to grow in popularity. So much so that I’m thinking of strapping a wireless webcam to our cats to share in their daily fun. (Yesterday it was Wii Mahjong.) Of course, I’d need a streaming service to go with my feline friends, so today’s news from Qik is rather timely.

Qik’s live-streaming service becomes integrated with the Ovi Share service and is now a featured application in the Ovi store, which was launched last month. With a supported Nokia handset, Ovi users can live stream audio and video through Qik, just as they can today, but now those streams can also be shared through Ovi. It’s a cross-posting strategy, which in itself doesn’t sound nearly as sexy at cats playing Mahjong, but there is a benefit. Sharing videos through Ovi isn’t nearly as limiting as some other similar offerings. Flickr, for example, is now allowing video uploads. While Flickr is generally synonymous with photo sharing, videos are currently limited to 90-seconds.

Services like Qik are useful and fun, but too often the mainstream populace doesn’t hear about them. Partnerships like this one between Qik and Nokia can help extend that brand recognition for Qik while providing a value-add for Nokia’s Ovi platform at the same time.

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