How To: Get Safari 4 for Mac Tabs Out of the Titlebar



Is anyone else irked that Safari 4 puts the browser tabs in the title bar? Maybe it’s just me that can’t get used to it: it’s so counter to my usage habits that I stopped using the browser even though I enjoyed the noticeable speed gains. I’m back on the Safari 4 wagon today, though, after searching for any possible fixes. Sure enough, CrunchGear tells me it’s a simple command line in Terminal to return the tab titles to the old position. In Terminal, just type:

defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO

That’s it! I’m ready for the speed of Safari 4, but I don’t think I’m ready for tabs in the title bar. Call me old fashioned. CrunchGear also has the command to restore the original function if you don’t want to go old-school. Now if I could just find a command or registry option for Windows to do the same, I’d be a happy camper.



I have not been able to open my Microsoft web based hotmail from in beta 4 on a mac. not sure if this is a bad joke or not.

Phil Lee

If you activate the Develop menu in Preferences then set the User Agent to Firefox 3.0.5 Mac it will run Hotmail properly. That’s a Microsoft, not an Apple problem.

Phil Lee

Although I was initially phased by the location of tabs in Safari 4 I decided to stick with them. After a couple of weeks using it I have to say it feels completely normal to have the tabs in the title bar. As I have read elsewhere, if the first tabbed browser had had tabs in the title bar then we wouldn’t be worried about the location in Safari 4. It’s just a little different.

As an aside I have been really impressed with Safari on my MacBook. I’ve used Multiclutch to set up some trackpad shortcuts and have been flying with it. It’s replaced Firefox as my browser of choice. On my iMac and work PC it’s a different story. I find the lack of mouse gestures a real problem. I am so used to using them in Firefox that they are a serious omission from Safari 4. Apple really ought to work them into Safari.

Phil Lee

I should also add that I’d like to be able to customise how tabs behave. I like having bookmarks automatically open in new tabs and can see no way to control this in Safari.

James Kendrick

On the Mac version you have to hit Command-click on the link and it opens in a new tab. Don’t know about the Windows version.

Phil Lee

I was aware of that, I’d just like it to do it by default. I use Tab Mix Plus to set this up in Firefox and wuld like to be able to do the same in Safari.

Simon Dale

Interesting! I wasn’t that interested in Safari 4 but since you’ve pointed out that the they’ve put the tabs right at the top of the screen like that I’m now downloading it.

That seems like a massive improvement to me, although I’m yet to try it…

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