MMORPG Network Aeria Partners With Offerpal

aeria-offerpal-partnership Offerpal Media, a startup that links virtual currency to real-world marketing deals, scored $15 million in venture funding last month. CEO Anu Shukla hinted to me then that we’d see partnership news soon, and as promised, Aeria Games is announcing today that it’s linking its universal virtual currency, Aeria Points, to Offerpal’s suite of offers.

A free-to-play MMORPG network of 10-plus licensed titles (mostly downloadable, high-end Korean games localized for Western players), Aeria has more than 5 million users, roughly 20 percent of whom are active monthly, according to JT Nguyen, the company’s chief marketing officer. The deal will likely increase revenue and engagement levels for both companies, so I’m watching it closely. Western MMORPG developers used to monthly subscription models are looking for new ways to make money in the post-Warcraft era, so I imagine they are, too.


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