NYT's Nisenholtz: Each Of The Last Five Years Has Been 'The Year' For Mobile Ads


imageMartin Nisenholtz, the SVP of digital operations for The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT), is taking his turn as the answer man for the regular Talk to The Times series on NYTImes.com and mobile is getting a fair amount of his attention. My favorite response so far was to a user who wants to know why he never sees ads on the download or BlackBerry versions of NYTimes.com and worries, “Without consumers seeing ads how will The New York Times sustain its business?”

Nisenholtz’s frank answer: “Every year for the past five years has been ‘the year of mobile advertising’ in our business.” The implication, of course, is that for all the effort and the growth in mobile use, we’re still waiting. He went on: “To be fair, mobile advertising has grown, but it is still a relatively small part of overall online spend. We do expect mobile ads to grow over the next three years, even through the recession. And we expect to gain more than our share of that growth. So look for more mobile advertising over the coming months and years.” More on mobile and, well, a mention of our own beginnings after the jump.

More on mobile: To a reader who wants to know if he thinks putting the paper on a mobile platform changes its nature: “Our strategy is to design the best possible Times experience for every platform the consumer chooses. Many of our most loyal users choose multiple platforms. They subscribe to the paper because it



I completely agree. The payment experience on the mobile web is far superior to the PC web and is driving higher conversions. Micropayments are already rapidly increasing, see: http://tiny.cc/hpGDS

Premium content is shaping up to be key way to moeitze on the mobile web.


Howie Goldfarb

Just more proof the news folks need to charge for content vs relying in advertisers. This in my opinion would force competition in news quality among the various players. And just like the Web there will be ad blocking software for your phone. So the answer is the right price point vs ad support long term.

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