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Mobile Content Bits: Orange Music; BBC Sells Mobile Ads Abroad; UK Android Market Gets Paid Apps

Orange Music Store: The operator is overhauling its music play to include recommendations, personalization and crowd-sourcing. It’s contracted We Love Mobile of London to advise on changes to its OrangeWorld portal that will enhance music discoverability and, therefore, purchases. Like most operators, Orange has extensive music interests, including the UnsignedAct TV show – but its music store, on PC, is Windows-only. adds mobile adds to International site: The BBC said it is integrating advertising into its mobile site for the first time. The change applies to news organization’s international website outside of the U.K., which is run by BBC Worldwide. Advertisers will be able to target BBC consumers based on devices and regions. The BBC’s North American Ad Sales team will be responsible for the mobile ad sales, and at this point inventory will be limited to banners, which can either link to a page or customized micro-site.

UK Android Market gets paid apps tomorrow: The U.S. version of the Android Market on the T-Mobile G1 has been selling apps for almost a month now, and tomorrow the UK will be added to the list. Today, T-Mobile held an Android event in London, and confirmed that paid applications will go live tomorrow. T-Mobile UK