WebWorkerDaily Guide to SXSW Interactive 2009

sxsw-logoSouth by Southwest 2009, one of the largest and most widely-covered technology and Internet conferences of the year (and that’s to say nothing of the music and film portions!) is fast approaching. While many industry insiders will attend in person, SXSW will also be widely covered across a wide swath of mainstream media news web sites, blogs, YouTube, Qik, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Tumblr, posterous and just about every other social media publishing platform that you can think of!

Here’s a guide to the SXSW 2009 Interactive panels that web workers worldwide should look out for.

Friday, March 13th

    My Boss Doesn’t Get It: Championing Social Media to the Man — A major and ongoing challenge/opportunity for web workers is to prove-by-example the power of social media.
    GameChangers – Improvisation for Business in the Networked World — This panel covers improving “teamwork, creativity, flexibility and problem-solving skills”: essential for every web worker!

Saturday, March 14th

    Emerging From a Recession with Emerging Media Intact — While recessions cause a lot of widespread pain, they also pose great opportunities for emerging technologies, online businesses and business practices, and web-based workers.
    Blog on Company Time and Get Promoted — Every web worker can learn how to better promote their company and engage relevant audiences –- whether it’s a Fortune 500 multinational or a startup of one -– and blogging is an essential part of the equation.
    From Geek to Peak: Your First Year as a Freelance Geek — This session is geared toward developers making a go of it as freelance contractors, but the larger web working community can benefit from honing their freelancer skills.
    Working Alone Sucks: Join the Coworking RevolutionCoworking is a hot topic in web working circles.

Sunday, March 15th

    From Flickr and Beyond: Lessons in Community Management — Insight into growing, managing, and monitoring online communities. Panel members include representatives from Flickr, Current TV, YouTube, Etsy and MetaFilter.
    What Do I Do With Myself, Now that the Economy Has Collapsed? — The ebb and flow of the tech economy – and specifically the current recession – brings an altered and fluid environment for web workers. Hearing from veterans who have been through past tech economy downturns and have come out the other side will surely be something that you will want to pay attention to.
    Pitfalls and Opportunities: How to Fund a Startup — The current economy has made funding new ideas more difficult — at least in the traditional ways. Web workers and entrepreneurs looking to create the Next Big Thing will want to check out this panel for hints, tips and advice.

Monday, March 16th

    The Invisible Web and Ubiquitous Computing — The cost of running a technology-based business keeps falling while the availability and speed of networked services keeps growing. All good things that affect the daily lives of web workers!
    Beyond Aggregation: Finding the Web’s Best Content — Successful web workers access and analyze a torrent of content everyday and redistribute and repackage the most relevant bits. Finding out the latest in what’s going on with RSS and content aggregation should be a popular session, with representatives from ReadWriteWeb, louisgray.com, Techmeme, AideRSS, and Lijit in attendance.
    Outsourcing 2.0: Is the World Flat or Not? — Web working increasingly means leveraging outsourced resources, so finding out the latest trends from industry experts from the likes of Monsoon Company, Startech Global and Flatsourcing.com will be very useful.
    Ultimate Showdown of Content Management System Destiny — The choice of which CMS to use is a tricky one.This panel features a fun showdown, an “Iron Chef style competition” in which developers from various open-source content management systems will all build the same web site.
    Browser Wars III: The Platform Wins — The web browser is where the web worker lives and breathes, so hearing from representatives of Mozilla, Microsoft (s msft), and Opera should be very exciting indeed. No Google (s goog) though!

What panels and presentations are you most looking forward to from SXSW Interactive this year?