The Palm Pre does Jimmy Fallon

The Palm Pre is getting closer and closer, and geeks the world over are holding their breath for it to appear. If you don’t believe the Pre is big news then you didn’t see the Jimmy Fallon show last night as our friend from Engadget, Josh Topolsky, appeared on the show with a Palm Pre.


The video is over on Engadget, and it’s another chance to see the Palm Pre in all its coolness.  Props to Josh for not only getting on the Jimmy Fallon show but getting Palm to let him bring a Pre to show off.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s the first time a Pre has been more than 3 feet from a Palm employee’s hand.  Check out the video, and see how cool the Pre is and how even big-time TV stars are dying to get one.  Congrats to Josh again for this coup.  I hate you.


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