Netbook Hack: Add an eSATA Port to the Acer Aspire One


Cheap netbooks don’t just offer sales appeal. The low price-point is also giving rise to a hardware hacker movement that’s growing quickly. Let me put it another way: are average computer users more likely to hack and slash a $2,000 notebook or a $300 netbook? My money is on the netbook buyer.

tnkgrl is one of those folks leading the way in netbook hacks and today she wraps up a four-part series on her Acer Aspire One. In the first three parts, she added Bluetooth, 3G, and more RAM while also swapping out the Solid State Disk with a traditional 1.8-inch magnetic hard drive. What’s left to mod you ask? How about adding an eSATA interface for a super-speedy external drive capable of 300 Mbps data transfer? That’s around five times faster than using the integrated USB 2.0 ports of the AAO.

tnkgrl shares the steps on this addition but if you had any doubts of warranty voiding, you can dismiss ’em right now. This hack will void it for sure since you’ll need to carve out an eSATA interface slot in your netbook casing!


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