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EPA Reveals Emission Reporting Plan: The U.S. EPA proposed a comprehensive system for reporting greenhouse gas emissions today. The new rule would cover some 13,000 facilities, affect automakers, fossil fuel suppliers and heavy industry and go into effect next year. — Reuters

Tesla: Trust Us, It’s Fast: Tesla Motors says it plans to use a fast-charging 440-volt battery in the delayed Model S sedan, but keeps mum on how long it will take to charge using either a 440-volt charger or the standard 220-volt charger. — CNET’s Car Tech

Wind + Hydro = Perfect Pair?: Hydro Quebec aims to be a world model for the integration of wind and hydro power in major electricity systems. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Aviation Climate Plan Ready for Takeoff: Aviation industry trade groups have laid out a plan for addressing climate change that contains a smart mix of policy and technology changes. — Wired’s Autopia

A Whole New World: The Walt Disney Co. announced a set of environmental goals for the next three to five years, including zero waste, zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions from fuels and reduced indirect emissions from electricity use. — Orlando Business Journal

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