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NYT's Nisenholtz: Paid Content Would Be 'Incremental Revenue'

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imageIt’s Martin Nisenholtz’s turn answering questions for the feature “Talk to The Times,” and the SVP of digital operations for The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) has already scaled the pay wall and the company clearly isn’t done with the notion of pay to read. But Nisenholtz isn’t talking about the kind of premium proposed by NYT columnist David Carr today — all pay, all the time. Carr’s argument: “Setting the price point at free

3 Responses to “NYT's Nisenholtz: Paid Content Would Be 'Incremental Revenue'”

  1. don pazour

    Interesting article, but in the end he punts. I say charge a much higher Cp/m to advertisers for Time Select. If one were to gather demographics, etc., I bet the select editorial generates a pretty rich and select audience that can be monetized by charging more per thousand of them than the free content visitors. We canNOT depend on advertising forever……this is being learned with TV and we should learn faster than they.

  2. Very good! At last, Mr. Nisenholtz!
    Paid content and especially the pay-as-you-read (or pay-per-view) model can safe the media. It is so easy to implement and manage (and so profitable) that I am really surprised that it takes the newspaper executives so long to even consider it. Still, better late than never.