CNN Sees Rise In Online, Mobile TV Viewing; Survey Finds 5 Percent Regularly Watch Mobile TV

Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) and CNN have surveyed CNN’s online audience and found that of those people with mobile internet 56 percent access online content while on the move, via a mobile device or wireless LAN. Almost a third — 29 percent — said that they recorded video with their mobile phone, and 23 percent said that their TV viewing on mobile devices has increased in the past 3 to 4 years. Five percent of respondents said they watched more than 10 hours of TV a week on their mobile devices, compared to 9 percent viewing that much on PCs and 35 percent viewing that much on the TV sets. (release)

Quickplay commissioned an online survey of 1000 people in the US aged 18-35 about mobile TV, and found that the trends are heading upwards…at least in awareness. The number of people who have watched TV and video content on their mobile device has remained constant from 2008 to 2009 at 35 percent, but the break-down of that figure is less promising. Only 5 percent regularly watch mobile video or TV, and a further 13 percent watch it sometimes — 17 percent have watched it in the past but no longer do so.

Of those who have not tried mobile TV or video the majority — 58 percent — have not done so because they think it will be too expensive, while 14 percent said their mobile phone doesn’t support it. More people are also aware that the service is offered by their carrier, rising from 35 percent a year ago to 46 percent now. When asked whether the phones a carrier offered would impact their choice of carrier, 46 percent replied “no” and 38 percent replied “yes”. (PDF)

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