eReader for BlackBerry coming Wednesday

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ereader-on-the-stormI first mentioned a beta version of eReader for the BlackBerry platform a few weeks ago and at that time the public release was supposed to be “any day now”. That time stretched out a little longer than a few days as the eReader folks were busy squashing bugs to make sure that eReader for the BlackBerry would be solid enough for everyone.

The good news out today is that the first version of eReader for the BlackBerry is scheduled to be released on Wednesday. This is just a couple of days away, and I can tell you it is a sweet app. I have been reading my wazoo off since loading it up on my Storm: eReader works well and handles the large screen very nicely.

This initial version is very basic, so you won’t see all of the bells and whistles that you see in eReader on other platforms. That’s because this is the very first try on a BlackBerry device from RIM (s RIMM), so the bells will be coming later. It’s a solid e-book reader for sure, so you won’t be disappointed. You can access your online bookshelf at eReader but you won’t be able to buy e-books from within the program in this version. We’ll let you know when it goes live, along with how you can get your hands on eReader for the BlackBerry.

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I have been patiently waiting (well not really. This is good news. WIll it be available on

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