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Did NBC Regret Its (Post)Secret Web Series Ambitions?

We’ll admit that this slipped past our radar, but somewhere along the line, NBC’s PostSecret clone of a web series Fears, Secrets and Desires became Fears. Regrets. Desires..

As part of its upfronts last year, NBC (s GE) touted the launch of an online series called Fears, Secrets and Desires that involved people submitting their deepest confessions to a special web site. Sound familiar? It did to the PostSecret community, who felt their site had been ripped off, and they were quite vocal about it.

But it looks like all the ruckus may have given NBC a few regrets of its own, and the title was changed. The page with the show’s original title is still archived on the NBC site. An NBC rep emailed us to say the network felt like “regrets” covered more territory than “secrets,” but it seems like regrets is actually narrower than secrets.

And it looks like changes weren’t just made to the title. According to the show’s description, “Two hosts will entice and inspire users by sharing their own stories, as well as providing discussion topics each week via vlogs.” There’s only one vlogger host, the pink-haired John “Halcyon” Styn, though according to a blog post (and video footage) from Styn, Mickipedia‘s Micki Krimmel auditioned to be a co-host, but passed on the opportunity.

Another adjustment to the show is what happens to the confessions submitted by users. Let’s go back to the official description (emphasis ours): “Starting in October 2008, selected posts will be adapted for an online NBC Anthology series that brings the posts to life with creative interpretation meant to tease, tantalize and possibly terrify. Segments will be produced both in-house at and by Hollywood talent normally associated with the big or small screens, not necessarily the computer screen.” The NBC rep informed us that while the network is open to the idea of filming a segment, no target date has been set. Styn said the vlog is just a portion of the full site that will be launching soon.

Frank Warren, who runs PostSecret, didn’t provide comment on this Secrets/Regrets issue specifically, but did say that there is the possibility for a PostSecret movie or cable series (though he didn’t say with whom), although there is nothing concrete.

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