ESPN360 Unveils Ad Insertions For Live March Hoops Video Streams


Right in time for March Madness — and a challenging environment for online advertising — ESPN360 last week starting allowing marketers to place ad insertions into live event streams. Since Friday and continuing through March 15, advertisers will be featured in live streams of at least 124 college basketball conference tournament games, including simulcasts of every ESPN (NYSE: DIS) and ESPN2 men’s and women’s game as well as a number of out-of-market games from top conference tournaments. Additional games will include every NCAA Women’s Tournament game, and select post-season National Invitational Tournament (NIT) games online.

By allowing the insertion of dynamic ads into its live simulcasts, the Disney-owned sports media franchise promises it can work with marketers on making the ads in pod more creative and flexible, as opposed to offering sliced up versions of a general TV spot. In particular, ESPN believes that insertion offering will make it possible to more effectively sell its premium inventory. The technology was developed with help from the Disney Interactive Media Group and if the test works as they expect, over the next few months other Disney digital properties will quickly adopt it for other big events such as awards shows and special entertainment webcasts.

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Jumping ahead of cable: Dynamic video ad insertion represents a breakthrough, Tim Hanlon, EVP/Managing Director for Publicis’ VivaKi Ventures, told me. In particular, the ad industry has been waiting a long time for this kind of instant ad insertion in a number of non-broadcast programming environments, Hanlon added, “especially cable VOD, where, admittedly, I thought we’d see it years ago — and with it a real business model. Of course, while ad-supported VOD continues to flail as an ad-supported medium — if only cable operators would utilize technology from companies like BlackArrow — online video continues to evolve as a real opportunity for programmers and advertisers alike. And ESPN takes two giant steps forward by doing in live streams of hard-to-skip programming — i.e., live sports — and so, this is very much a watershed.”



watershed. . . hmm. . . when i was at lightningcast years ago we were doing dynamic ad insertion into live online programming, including march madness for cbs sports, mlb baseball games on mlb tv and live college footbal games for msn


What does this have to do with self-serve? Sounds like it is dynamic ad insertion technology (which is super cool), but not a self service video advertising opportunity. The headline is very misleading.

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