Clearwire Board Replaces CEO Ben Wolff With Telecom Vet Bill Morrow

imageWith pressure mounting on Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) to not only roll out, but successfully operate a WiMax network, the company’s board said today it has named telecom veteran Bill Morrow as CEO, replacing long-standing co-founder and CEO Ben Wolff. Morrow, 49, will join the company today, coming from positions at AirTouch and *Vodafone*. Wolff will continue as co-chairman, sharing the position with co-founder Craig O. McCaw. Release.

The changing of the guard marks a critical point in the company’s history, where it switches focus from being an aggressive deal-making and money-raising venture to a more fine-tuned operation focused on details and execution. As a former attorney, Wolff was known for negotiating tough contracts, and true to nature, helped the company raise more than $6 billion in equity and debt financing, and closed what was considered an impossible merger with Sprint (NYSE: S) (a merger that required the cooperation of not only Sprint, but also its investors, which included competing cable companies and *Google*). Full story on


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