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Weekend Vid Picks: Watchmen Goes Viral

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Warner Brothers went all out in its online video outreach for Watchmen, setting loose two months ago viral clips that gave fans a taste of how faithful the adaptation might be, while slowly drawing newbies into the complex world of the graphic novel. But in this last, intense week leading up to the film’s premiere, the fans have come out in force with Watchmen-related virals.

First off: wow, I haven’t seen a clip go viral like this in a while. Saturday Morning Watchmen spread like wildfire yesterday, reimagining the graphic novel as kiddie fare. Even a basic familiarity with the source material reveals how twisted this interpretation is, and the only complaint I’ve heard is that the animation is TOO good to be satirizing the ’80s-era cartoons the short is meant to be parodying.

Meanwhile, I love the I’m a Marvel/I’m A DC parodies, so nothing makes me happier than to see ItsJustSomeRandomGuy pair up the film’s Rorschach with Wolverine.

If you have to wait a few days before catching the film and want to whet your appetite, you might enjoy watching every last bit of Watchmen footage released online. Edited together chronologically!

And it wouldn’t be a proper phenomenon if someone hadn’t found a way to combine it with a pre-existing meme. Enter the now-infamous clip from Downfall, re-subtitled to reflect Adolf Hitler’s serious angst over the changes made to the book for the film (big spoiler alert for both).

Will the film play with the fanboys and mainstream audiences alike? That’s a Monday morning question. But the virals surrounding are golden.

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