Google Chrome Makes Friends With Real


Apparently people still download Real Player, because Google (s goog) is choosing to bundle its Google Chrome browser with the multimedia player. And while I personally don’t download any “software bundles,” I can’t blame Google for friending Real Networks (s RNWK). Google has been desperately trying to promote its new browser, which still has just over 1 percent of the total browser market share and is available only on Windows platforms. It has competition from the new Safari 4.0, which is not only fast but is available on both Macs and PCs. (Related: Browser wars: Opera Says It’s Not Down or Out.)


Om Malik

@Ken the tech et. al

You want my wild guess on why Google chose this partnership? China. I think Real has some deep links in China and are getting a lot of downloads for their players in that country. For Chrome this is a good penetration into that market. More importantly, in doing so they are going after some of Baidu’s market. Or at least that’s why I think.


I really doubt if the strategy of parterning with Real will succeed much. Google chrome can be very well be bundled with some high traffic websites.For that of course “googlers” have to test those sites and partner with them.

I think the slogan “Best viewed in XXX browser” drives home the main point. But then, is Google already doing it? I do not see it yet!!!

PerfectMOney Share Idea

I questioning google myself here.Why they add More browser with name “GOOGLE Chrome”if
they already have Firefox that dominate hundreds of millions browser worldwide,why instead of making new product they not just optimizing Firefox for speed ,look and security,or is this what Google do to put Firefox higher and use chrome as the secondary brand of best browser most used in the world?


First Google should fix the basics. It takes 40 seconds and more to launch chrome. Why should I wait that long when firfox is there.


Chrome’s terrific. I am seriously challenge in the ‘basics’ and I downloaded Chrome as a seperate browser. It launches in about 2-3 seconds. I click blink my eyes and there it is all on its own not apart of IE.

It is far more useful to me, especially the bookmarks (better then favorites), then IE which takes about 20 -30 seconds to launch.

I need google’s toolbar.. but I’ll wait.. it is just a matter of time……. then away with IE.


Wow–I’d forgotten about Real. Seriously though, it’d been months since I used it.


Not too suprising of a move since Google has to be one of the biggest spenders on bundling distribution.

I wonder how long before Google starts partnering with web application providers to say “optimized for Chrome”.., Intuit is a likely candidate with their mix of desktop and web apps and an already tight relationship with the Big G.

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