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Dear Verizon: Let Me Fix That Survey For You


So Verizon (s vz) is finally acting like they “get it,” specifically asking people who leave their service if “the iPhone” has anything to do with it.

The problem with this is that by saying “the iPhone” they imply having the device just like it exists on AT&T’s (s t) network. But knowing Verizon there’s a good chance that wouldn’t be the case.

So I’ve fixed the survey, and offer it to Verizon free of charge so that they may get an accurate picture of whether people would stay on their network for “the iPhone.”

Below is the revised option Verizon should have on their survey.

The iPhone

  • But no Wi-Fi (You can just stay on our network, ‘K?)
  • And no iTunes Store (We have this cool VCAST thing, you’ll love it.)
  • Oh, and no iTunes desktop sync (“PC stuff on PC, mobile stuff on mobile,” that’s our motto.)
  • Homemade ringtones? No. (We have plenty of Muzac-like ringtones for purchase)
  • Bluetooth? (That’s never been our favorite, we’ll get back to you on that.)
  • The App Store? (Don’t be silly, you’re gonna love our BREW apps.)
  • Visual Voice Mail? (Sure, just like we do now, it’s a monthly charge.)
  • Finish activation at home? Download and install firmware at home? (Enough already! Our heads are exploding.)

I think that about covers it. Now let’s see how many people will check that box.

Verizon is holding on to a (fading) model where they dictate hardware requirements to the manufacturers. They do this to ensure every device they sell serves their network first, then their services, then the hardware manufacturer, and finally the customer.

The iPhone, as it currently exists, would never have been allowed on Verizon, and it’s debatable as to whether they’d even allow it now. AT&T made a bold (and risky) move in allowing Apple (s aapl) to change the rules of the game with the iPhone. It’s easy to take shots at AT&T, but they’re never given enough credit for that.

I left Verizon nearly two years ago. For an iPhone. I’ve never looked back.

25 Responses to “Dear Verizon: Let Me Fix That Survey For You”

  1. Well, 8 years of Verizon, and my family and I made the switch…it was somewhat painful due to the transition period (my fault), but now my kids and I have iphones, the wife has a lesser smart phone (Pantech), and so far so good. I just got tired of VZW nickle and diming me to death. I especially like it when they call you up under the guise of saving you $$ by offering added services. EVERYTHING is cyclical so maybe I’ll go back to VZW in another 8 years. :)

  2. I’m a true apple product fan, but i refuse to buy the iphone till it is available on Verizon. As a visiting nurse i can not afford to have poor service, VZ has the best service in the Boston area, And Verizon is consistently number one according to Consumers Report and AT&T is consistently number 3 or 4.
    This is only Apple product I am boycotting d/t its contract with AT&T.

  3. Doit2it

    Very clearly stated. Those are the main reasons I have believed the iPhone will never come to Verizon. I am a Verizon customer and it is clear to see they want to nickle and dime you for all it’s worth. But if you do a little research, you don’t have to let them. I have NEVER paid for a song or ringtone, yet I have over 600 songs on my LG Dare (SD card and internal) and numerous self created ringtones. I can add and remove images and video at will and I can backup and restore my contacts without their contact manager app. Verizon should market the idea that they are the hackers cell provider. Yes, I hate that not a single phone in their lineup has WiFi and BREW apps SUCK, but ensuring every device they sell serves their network HAS made them the most reliable network. The fact that the iPhone in it’s current incarnation is not on the Verizon network or that AT&T hasn’t improved their network significantly since the iPhone came to them only reminds us that this is not Nirvana.

  4. Mysterysoul

    VERIZON IS THE WORST COMPANY. If you are thinking about it, DON’T it is the worst. I had ATT, Cingular, Sprint. And so far VERIZON had been my headache after they bought Unicel. I am counting the minutes for my contract to be over.

  5. lynnrice24

    I am behind on my Apple blogs, but, really appreciate you taking a shot @ Verizon – probably my least favorite company in the USA. They are simply horrible. Even a step below Dell (relax, I am required to use their garbage at work).

  6. Dkrudop

    I left Verizon as well…….thus far I really haven’t seen much coverage difference…though admittedly I haven’t been out of town much lately. The iPhone more than makes up for any perceived difference in service. All these wannabe’s just haven’t figured it out yet…..their “”it’s-(almost)-just-as-good-as-an” iPhone toys are simply laughable. Anyone who doesn’t agree simply has not used an iPhone yet. Having used a Razr for numerous years, the iPhone “upgrade” experience is simply amazing.

  7. I agree. I also left Verizon for an iPhone and never looked back. Also, I think there is a conspiracy among verizon customers that AT&T’s service is unreliable and that you’ll get bad reception all of the time. Honestly, my iPhone performs just as well as my Verizon brick did in northern rural Vermont, and with style.

    Screw Verizon and their fascist policies!

  8. Tim,

    I can make a ringtone and put it on my iPhone for nothing:

    There are other free solutions as well (for Mac users GarageBand is easily used).

    Heck, even if I choose to buy a ringtone, it’s $1 if I own the song or $2 if I don’t, and in either case it’s a 30-second ringtone of MY choosing (i.e., I pick the part of the song) and I own the song as well as the ringtone.

    As for the “locking down” you find humorous, I’m talking about not allowing or disabling features on the phone. Verizon dictates terms. RIM’s flagship model, the Storm, is seriously weakened because it lacks WiFi, do you honestly think no WiFi on their supposed “iPhone killer” was RIM’s idea?

    Finally, regarding “locking down” via the exclusive agreement with AT&T, how is that different than the exclusive agreement Verizon has with the Storm, or Spint has with the upcoming Palm Pre? It’s not. That kind of exclusivity is nothing new. That doesn’t mean you have to like it (or even that I do, for that matter), but it’s not the argument being made in my article.

    • I can make my own ringtone and put it on my Chocolate too (via bluetooth), so don’t make it sound like you can’t make your own ringtone on any Verizon phone. And FYI, there aren’t any disabled features on my phone.

  9. I left Verizon for AT&T, not for the iPhone, but for the Tilt originally. Great Windows mobile device but when the iPhone 3G came out, I got it. I like it… but it’s not the ‘end all device’. I drop more calls on the iPhone, and I KNOW it’s not coverage, because it’s the same areas, all the time, and these were NOT areas that I lost calls with the Tilt… same service… different phone. And then you get the ridiculous, “Call Failed” when a line is busy??? What’s up with that? I’ll keep it until something better comes along. And there will be soon I’m sure. (I wish the Palm Pre was going to be on AT&T. I won’t switch to Sprint that’s for sure).

  10. Seriously. Apple locks things down worse than anybody, and then they gouge you an arm and leg for it at the same time.

    Like the ringtones bullet-point on there, for example. How is that a plus? Is it really an advantage over Verizon that the only option for ringtones is to pay $2 to slice up a song?

    I find it humorous that you point out that Verizon is putting the customer in the backseat by locking down their option, but Apple is going the same thing with AT&T. Consumers are locked-in to an iPhone-only plan, can’t unlock their phones without “breaking the law,” and are required to use iTunes to sync with the device.

    Please enlighten me using your masterful spin on how this is really any different than what Verizon is doing.

  11. matrix2004 from HOFO,Crackberry

    Iphone is crippled like Verizon phones used to be. Sad. Can’t wait for the LTE Iphone with MMS and A2DP in Q4 2010.

  12. Ken,

    There’s not a carrier on the planet that doesn’t have fringe areas, or areas where there’s no coverage at all.

    Let’s not let the discussion devolve into a shouting match between proponents of AT&T’s “more bars” or Verizon’s geek wearing glasses. Marketing is marketing, and we’re stuck with it.

    Can we just say my article gives the customer the benefit of the doubt, and he or she already knows coverage is not an issue?

  13. How about using voice and data at the same time? Let’s see you are on a conference call on the so called superior network of VZW, you want to look up something on the Internet. Well NO, you can’t do this on CDMA!!! This includes using any of the apps that need data use – SO MUCH for multi-tasking!!!

    You can’t use WiFi while on the call either. Why? VZW has NO WiFI on most all of the phones they offer!!!!

    How about third party apps? iPhone now has over 25,000 apps, what do you find that competes with that on VZW phones? Nothing like the App Store!!!

    Wait, not convinced yet. How about VoIP apps on most all VZW phones. NO you can not have that!!!! GPS? NO, VZW locks the GPS chip on the hardware YOU paid for leaving you with a $10 per month service they sell that ONLY they allow to use the aGPS chip!!!!

    SlingPlayer on a VZW BB? NO, you can’t have that they sell VCAST!!! Buying music OTA, ONLY VCAST at twice the price on iTunes!!!! Handle IMAP mail on a VZW BB? NO not available!!!

    Sync with a Mac on any VZW phones? NOT without third party software YOU must buy!!!

    I think I made my point.

  14. While I think the iPhone is better than anything else out there, and I have no comment on how good/bad Verizon’s network may be, the one blemish on the iPhone is it’s bluetooth support, which is TERRIBLE.

    Why doesn’t it support A2DP, or the ability to send contacts via bluetooth (sure, you can use apps to do this, but they ONLY work between iPhones, why not use a standard format/transport instead).

    From reading the specs, it ONLY supports a single, mono headset, which was state of the art maybe 5 or 6 years ago, but pathetic now.

  15. I was on Verizon until I realized how much they crippled their devices. This post sums up EXACTLY why I convinced my entire family to leave Verizon for AT&T. I liked their service a little better although I haven’t really been plagued with dropped calls like some people I know but AT&T’s service along with the customer’s ability to make a phone their own without paying out the *** for it makes it a win in my book.

  16. Well said! I too left Verizon for the iPhone after years of them offering phones lacking much desired features, like bluetooth, wi-fi etc. My buddy has Verizon now and he is mad because he can’t sync music on his computer with his phone. While I miss Verizon’s coverage and quality network, I am happy to pay AT&T for the services I want with the iPhone!