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Ford Sees EV-Filled Future: Ford Motor Co (s F) expects electric vehicles to represent a “major portion” of its lineup within 10-12 years, according to CEO Alan Mulally. — Reuters

Mitsubishi Moves Into Solar: Mitsubishi Corp. has bought a 34 percent stake in the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant in Portugal from Spain’s Acciona SA. — Bloomberg

Find a Charging Station, Pronto: As more plug-in and electric vehicles hit the road, drivers will need to know where they can charge their rides away from home. Might charging-station finders soon be integrated with in-car navigation systems? – CNET’s Car Tech

GM on the Defense: GM (s GM) disagrees with a recent study on the economics of plug-in cars with larger battery packs (like the Volt), saying tax credits will help make the Volt affordable. But if it’s relying on government incentives, is that really economic viability? — MIT Technology Review

Maine OK’s First Wind Expansion: Wind power developer First Wind Inc. said it has received approval from state regulators to expand the largest utility-scale wind farm in New England to 82.5 MW, up from the current 57 MW capacity. — Mass High Tech

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