iPhone Bits: 5 Apps Median For Smartphone Users (iPhone Included); Inquisitor; App Store; Patent


Everyone knows that Apple’s App Store is a huge success — at the beginning of December it was announced that 300 million applications had been downloaded from the store since it had opened 5 months earlier. However, In-Stat has some figures out which suggests that it’s not that iPhone users in general buy more apps, but there’s a small cadre which over-achieve in downloading.



I love the iphone store I have bought so much my self .out of 300 million I have downloaded 30 my self . Not a big figure but well !

iPhone Mom

I just bought an iphone last week after having a Blackberry for 6 years. It's GREAT! I downloaded my first game on Monday, JigSee which lets you take a picture with the iPhone camera and it turns it into a puzzle game. The kids love it!

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