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Toy Bot Diaries Giving Away $10,000, Cutting Prices

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Lately people have been talking about how short the attention span is of the average iPhone app purchaser. Having just gone through one of my regular app purges myself, and reduced my iPhone from six to two pages of apps (including those included by default), I’m somewhat familiar with the phenomenon. IUGO, makers of Toy Bot Diaries, wants you to keep playing, though, and they’re willing to part with $10,000 to prove it.

IUGO is giving away the tidy sum as part of a promotion for the Toy Bot Diaries trilogy, which has received a lot of critical praise for being a solid platformer that makes good use of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s unique control scheme. I have to admit, I’ve only played the free version, and I wasn’t sufficiently hooked to actually make a purchase. That said, lots of others have, and my taste tends to run more traditional when it comes to gaming in general.

In order to enter the contest, you have to buy all three Toy Bot Diaries titles, and therein lies the catch. The good news? For a limited time, each game costs only $0.99, whereas they would usually run you $3.99 a piece, so you are getting better than a 3-for-1 deal. Other prizes besides the ten grand include 10 second-place prizes of $100 iTunes gift cards, and one third-place prize of a lifetime subscription to IUGO games, to include anything they release in the future and all updates.

I’m pleased to see a company making a really complete effort to promote their product beyond just cutting prices when sales start to stagnate. Contests and giveaways are something the App Store has generally been lacking before now, and this should help separate some of the wheat from the chaff, drawing attention towards quality apps and hopefully away from the dime-a-dozen fart and gun noise apps. Plus it means more deals and free stuff for us, the consumer, which is never bad.

3 Responses to “Toy Bot Diaries Giving Away $10,000, Cutting Prices”

  1. mogosh

    Yeah the demo was amusing and at these prices it’s hard to pass this up. Seriously though, how can you keep only 2 pages?! What is this ONE page of priveleged, additional apps? That’s amazing.