The CollegeHumor Prank War: Some Battles Never End

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[show=hardlyworking]Now that CollegeHumor’s made it big with their MTV show, you’d think they’d buckle down and give up their childish games. But then they wouldn’t be the CollegeHumor we adore (with the occasional exception).

Today, Streeter Seidell finally got his sweet revenge against Amir Blumenfeld in the latest installment of the now-legendary CollegeHumor prank war. To be clear, we call it legendary mainly because it’s been going on since February 2007, when Streeter tricked Amir into listening to a sex tape (the audio was spliced into the middle of Bowling for Soup’s Stacy’s Mom). Since then there have been fake dates, fake auditions, and a fake trip to Los Angeles to guest star on an episode of Human Giant.

The battle seemed to peak with the September 2007 Yankee game prank, in which Amir stalked Streeter and his girlfriend to a Yankees game and paid for a Jumbotron wedding proposal from Streeter to said girlfriend, who didn’t find it incredibly amusing (especially since, according to the subtitles, she said yes before finding out Streeter had nothing to do with it). But turns out Streeter was just biding his time; yesterday, he tricked Amir into believing that he’d won half a million dollars by making a blindfolded, half-court basketball shot at a University of Maryland game.

The machinations involved in putting such a prank together are impressive, and impressively well-documented by Streeter and the increasingly professional CollegeHumor team. Since the easiest way to blow a prank would be to be caught filming it, each have found novel ways to make sure they’re able to document it properly (Amir had several cameras covering the Yankees prank, while Streeter was able to blend his own crew with the cameras covering the game).

The caliber of the pranking is really impressive, largely because both guys seem to know exactly where to aim their blows. Amir is at his most vulnerable when promised professional success, while Streeter’s romantic life has been twice targeted (he claims at the end of this latest video that Amir’s last prank destroyed his relationship with that girlfriend). It’s honestly a little terrifying to think about what Amir has planned next. But hopefully this time it’ll take him less than a year and a half to get in gear.

Much like Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination spurring the War to End All Wars, it’s staggering to realize that all this got started because one co-worker got sick of the other co-worker singing out loud to the music he was listening to on his computer. A cautionary tale for any communal office environment. One good thing to come of all this conflict, though: If the sketch show doesn’t work out, then they’ve got a format that I bet the MTV audience will LOVE.

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