Google Releases the Android App You Don’t Want Right Now

android_ss_portfoliosOver the past year, one application on my iPhone has gone from most used to most loathed. It’s the default Stocks application. Given how the markets have fallen off a cliff, I simply don’t want to see those red numbers on a daily basis. Now, not even Google Android handset owners are immune to having such sad information on their phones. Nor apparently is Google’s common stock immune, for that matter. ;)

Android owners can now download and install a new Finance application to their handset. Finance for Android was developed on the company’s “20 percent time” and provides stock quotes, company data, news and customizable portfolios. The portfolio automatically syncs from Google Finance on the web, so if you track your holdings there, you don’t need to re-enter them on your handset. You’re on your own for stock picks, but if you like to play the Wall Street game, now you can on Android.


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