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Cleantech Deep Dive: The first report in a thorough three-part series on how companies are navigating this make-or-break period for cleantech looks at why startups that look a little like Google may be the big winners. — CNET’s Green Tech

Green Dreams Dashed: The 2007 climate summit in Bali laid out emissions reduction targets of 25 percent to 40 percent by 2020 for industrialized nations. Obama’s top climate negotiator Todd Stern says yeah, right: “It’s not possible to get that kind of number.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Dirtiest Tech on the Planet?: Looking for a clear cut definition of what’s clean technology, and what’s not? Here’s a definite “not”: The bucket-wheel excavator, which leaves a trail of destroyed villages, bad soil and salty water as it scours western Germany’s lignite fields. — CleanTechnica

Hon Hai Breaks Into Carbon Tracking: Electronics manufacturing giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. plans to acquire technology from International Business Machines to help corporations monitor their emissions and gather data that can be used as a basis for carbon trading. Wall Street Journal

Act Solar Seeking $9M: Act Solar, which is developing technology to boost solar panels’ energy output, has entered talks with investors to raise $9 million in early-stage capital. — VentureBeatS