Celio REDFLY C8N Just Arrived


It’s been a few weeks since the FedEx man stopped by for a visit. Maybe the joy I show with each delivery has scared him off; who knows? This time he dropped off a loaner Celio REDFLY C8N and Sprint Treo 800w to try. For those not familiar with Celio’s REDFLY: The device is essentially a larger display and keyboard that’s powered entirely from a smartphone. There’s no CPU or memory in it, other than what’s needed to render your phone’s applications on a larger screen. Your phone can be connected through a USB cable or without wires using Bluetooth, if your phone supports it.

This is the $299 REDFLY model with some beefed-up features over the base model. For example, the 800×480 display is eight inches, which offers an extra inch of viewing. The battery capacity is boosted, too: 4500mAh on this model over the standard 2000mAh unit. That adds an extra half-pound to the weight, but at two pounds in total, it’s still very manageable. This model also offers the unique media port, so I’ll take a closer look at connecting mobile media devices to see how well it works. Considering how often I’m using my netbook these days, I’m really curious to see the pros and cons of this solution over my MSI Wind. I tend to use the web for most everything I do, so it should be an interesting experiment to use a Windows Mobile-powered REDFLY in lieu of Windows 7 on my Wind.


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