Blog Post Introduces New Look and Web Documents

box_logoAs these things go, is an old-timer among cloud file storage options, having been around for four years now.

Without a network sync component like Windows LiveSync (aka FolderShare) and DropBox, competes by focusing on reliability and accessibility. Once a file is uploaded to, it’s easy to grab and edit from any desktop browser or mobile device. The service is consistently fast and available. Plans range from free to enterprise solutions. While the free version is functional with 1 GB of storage space, it may be worth the upgrade to the $7.95/month Individual plan for the faster uploads alone. It’s significantly faster than any FTP server I’ve ever used.

After keeping the same look and feel for years, recently refreshed their interface and introduced the ability to create documents directly on the site.

The new look shows more info about a folder at a glance. Before you had to click on a drop-down menu to work with a file/folder; now most of that info is right in the sidebar. This makes it much easier to collaborate on assets.


They’ve also introduced the ability to create documents on the fly. Previously, you had to create your document in another application and then upload to Now, you have no need to jump out of for simple additions.


It’s not meant to replace Google Docs (s goog) or Zoho or any on- or offline word processor. For starters, you can’t import or export files. But all the basic WYSIWYG editing functionality is there. Don’t think of it as an online Microsoft (s msft) Word, think of it as an online Notepad or TextEdit.


Truth be told, the value of this feature is limited. You certainly wouldn’t use it for complex documents. But, if the file is not explicitly shared, it is locked even to collaborators. So it could be useful if you want to write more information/instruction than can fit in the sidebar comments and you don’t want your collaborators to remove or edit the file.


The significant weakness of is its lack of an offline feature. If you don’t have Internet access, you are not getting to your files. The company has hinted that they have something cooking in that direction, but until then it’s important to keep a local copy of any files that you might have to access on a moment’s notice.

What service do you you use for cloud storage?

6 Responses to “ Introduces New Look and Web Documents”

  1. I use Sugarsync for backups and to keep my computers in sync, it works great! I looked at and so far it looks really nice, I can’t wait to try it out with some clients. And for data syncing for an app like Things I use Dropbox. I use MobileMe to keep my iphone and macs in sync, I tried iDisk, but it’s way to slow..

    Do you think there are better options out there?

  2. I used to use MobileMe but it was too expensive and then I swapped to Amazon S3 which was cheap but no cool features, and then I found I use my Amazon account with them through something they call OpenS3, but they also allow cloud mashups so I have a combined S3+Gmail cloud storage mashup which is pretty slick as I see everything in one virtual file system.

    You never really hear of SMEStorage in these posts. I don’t know why as they support S3, Mosso,, Gmail and email-as-a-cloud. They integrate with Twitter, Zoho Docs, Picnik, Scribd iPaper and have firefox plug-in, Windows tooling (with sync and virtual drive) as well as iPhone version etc. It is a good product and best of all free !