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Yahoo's New Challenge To Facebook Connect

Online properties are increasingly relying on status updates to engage users, particularly those who are “out of network.” In what ReadWriteWeb says is a formal challenge to Facebook Connect, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has partnered with comments service JS-Kit to launch the first iteration of *Yahoo* Updates, which will let people use their *Yahoo* ID’s to do things like post comments, pictures and answer polls on third-party sites. The actions will show up in the central Yahoo Updates feed; users that have made their feeds public may even see their updates on various Yahoo properties. More after the jump.

Yahoo announced the news on its Developer Network blog; it comes about two weeks after Facebook rolled out similar capabilities with a Comments Box.

One question is whether Yahoo will be able to integrate the third-party content, and roll out Updates across its entire network fast enough to gain traction. The company made opening up its various assets like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Search to third-party developers (and users) a priority almost a year ago, and while it debuted a unified profile feature in October, most of the innovation has been centered around search with Yahoo BOSS and Search Monkey.