Trade Publication RCR Wireless Shuts Down After 25 Years


imageThis is likely more a statement about the news business than it is about the wireless industry. But after more than 25 years, RCR Wireless shut down its biweekly print publication and its web site at noon Tuesday. A Crain Communications spokeswoman told minonline: “I think more than anything they had been hit hard by the financial meltdown.” About 20 employees, mostly in the publication’s main office in Golden, Col., were given notice. On RCR’s website, a simple note: “Unfortunately, the market for RCR’s products has been hit particularly hard by the global financial meltdown.”

Editor’s Note: We’re sad for our colleagues at RCR and wish them the best. For readers who have enjoyed RCR’s stellar coverage of the wireless industry over the years, we cover a lot of the same subjects at, and we hope you’ll use us as a resource. You can subscribe to the mocoNews newsletter here.



RCR's demise began with the departure of its founder, a gifted publisher who really understood RCR's world. Crain Communications has lost a lot of talented people since Gertrude Crain died.


This is really a sad day. RCR Wireless was truly a great publication, am I'm disappointed to see it disappear. I wish all of the 20 staff all the best.


Izzy Abbass

It's a shame as I really appreciated some of the coverage they provided on the Tier 2 and 3 market space.

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